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Welcome to Geomorphology (ESCI 375)

Welcome to the 2018 Geomorphology course at The College of Wooster. In the archives to the right (and below) are some posts from previous classes – take a look we will be doing some of these activities.  Please check this Syllabus weekly for … Continue reading

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Fern Valley – Round 1

The group at Fern Valley – a bit of a rain during the trip. Fern Valley is near the southern margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Peter was able to probe meters down below the glacial moraine materials and into … Continue reading

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Soils at Browns Lake

It is the dry season but even so – we were a bit puzzled why all but one well was dry. We took a quick march to the lake outlet to recover the transducer.  

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A View of the Killbuck Aquifer in Millersburg

The high wall of Holmesville Supply sand and gravel gave us a look at what the Wooster Aquifer is made – a sand and gravel Ice Age braided stream (special thanks to Jeremiah for his tour of the mining).

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Fieldwork in Geomorphology

Geomorphology (Geology 300) has been taking advantage of the good weather this Fall traveling in the area. Above the full class stands on a point bar of the Apple Creek. Waves go out to Brian Merritt who experienced an injury … Continue reading

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Geomorphology – Fall 2018

Discussing the subsurface flow in a sand and gravel Kame at Browns Lake Bog.  

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